Simple, Safe, the Best!Since 2008!

Since 2008, R-Top® has been actively developing machinery for the safe removal of tree trunks. R-Top® is a deposited brand and produces an entire range of forestry machines; including Tree cutters, cone splitters, and various drills.

In 2011, R-Top® was nominated for the MKB innovation award. R-Top® finished in the 65th position out of 280 contending businesses. The 40% fuel saving in comparison to traditional methods, as well as the way waste material is re-used organically in order to generate green power, were marked down as exceptionally innovative.

By attending various international expo’s, R-Top® now has users in 22 different countries.

  • Able to be mounted on various ‘base’ machines
  • Easy discharge of waste material
  • Able to completely remove tree trunks
  • 40% fuel saving
  • Highest safety grade
  • Low maintenance cost

R-Top® Stumpdrills

R-Top® Cone Splitter

R-Top® Construction tractor

R-Top® Tree cutter

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