R-Top® Stumpscraper delivered in Germany

On Tuesday 25th of November 2014 Bijl Groentechniek BV has deliverd the first R-Top® Stumpscraper in Germany. Mr. Gerd Sparfeld of the firm Kiesel West GmbH from Moers has sold this R-Top® machine to his client, mr. Dirk Koláček of the firm Wittoesch & Koláček GbR Garten- und Landschaftsbau from Essen.

The firm Wittoesch & Koláček will, commissioned by the municipality, remove trees into the city of Essen and will replace in the same place new tree-plants. By using the R-Top® Stumpscraper with a drill diameter of 80 cm. this command can be executed perfectly.

Due to the safe operation of the R-Top® Stumpscraper this is an ideal machine to perform work in big cities. In the vicinity of the work station parked cars doesn’t need to be moved. The work area doesn’t need to be cleared of traffic. All remaining material is immediately collected and discharged. Another major advantage of the R-Top® Stumpscraper is the low fuel consumption, so the cost of the works drop considerably.

The firm Wittoesch & Koláček has removed in the recent weeks more than 100 stumps with the R-Top® Stumpscraper and mr. Koláček is very satisfied with his new machine, the R-Top® Stumpscraper 80.