And than finally also Austria believes in R-Top®

Early March 2015 we delivered the first R-Top® machine in Austria. Narrenhofer Reinhard Deichgräberei und Erdarbeiten has bought a R-Top® SP50 to drill out the stumps for the community of the town Hollabrunn.

Of course we brought the machinery to Austria and overthere we have given the instruction and explanation of the R-Top® SP50.

Mr. Narrenhofer uses the R-Top® SP50 to his 9,5 ton Volvo BL 71B excavator. The combination of the excavator with the R-Top® SP50 is fantastic.

Both mr. Kirchhofer of the community of the town Hollabrunn and mr. Narrenhofer are extremely satisfied and happy with their purchase of the R-Top®.